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This illustration is a simple description of how Moser AMC fits into the steel pouring process.

History of Moser AMC in South Africa

In the 1920's, Fletcher (UK) formed a commercial company, and with it put HARDCHROME into the designer's and repairer's requirements for the ever demanding higher loadings of the 20th Century engineering. The armaments industry, always in the forefront of technological needs, forced the application of HARDCHROME into areas never thought possible.

Moser used this technology to enhance rock drill performance in the South African mining industry. The history of Moser in South Africa started before the Anglo Boer War, and the first factory was sited in Anderson Street, Johannesburg, on the edge of Ferreira's Deep Gold Mine. The company was called French Engineering Works (FEW) and concentrated on serving the repair needs of emerging mechanisation of the gold mines.

Over the years, Moser AMC has specialised in industrial grade nickel and silver plating, honing years of expertise into a first class product. Moser AMC is always working on ways to develop new techniques for electrolytic plating as well as reducing cost to the customers, the impact on the environment with less water wastage and contamination.

What We Do

Electrolytic Nickel

The team at Moser AMC employ Electrolytic plating as a type of metal finishing.

Moser Electrolytic Nickel is an inert material and is thus resistant to corrosion and many chemicals on a far wider basis than expected when compared to other materials. Its toughness and workhardening properties have earned it a place where few other materials can compete. Nickel has its main benefits in chemical and steel industries as well as in sea water environments.

When Nickel is deposited electrolytically, it can be laid down in great thicknesses, especially where its high temperature and work hardening properties are required, for example, in continuous steel casting molds. Nickel is especially good at elevated temperatures in corrosive atmospheres, where it develops a protective dark oxide coating.

Moser's Industrial Silver Plating Offers:

  • • Ability to carry high frequency signals
  • • Temperature resistance
  • • Thermal conductivity
  • • High electrical conductivity
  • • Lubricity
  • • Anti-galling

Twentieth century engineering demands high performance from materials, and silver has been found to have invaluable properties in our modern world.

Its good conductivity has made silver mandatory in industrial switchgear. Its excellent bearing anti seize and high fatigue characteristics are important in aircraft engines. The main benefits in heavy engineering lie in its anti seize, anti galling properties, especially when combined with its anti corrosion benefits.

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